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namibia photography workshop 2024

Dolomites - Photography Workshop 2024


From September 8th, 2024 to September 20th, 2024

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Photography Workshop Namibia in 2024

Join an amazing Photography Tour in Namibia to experience some of the most incredible and unique desert landscapes in the worldFrom surrealist dunes, perfectly clear night skies, astonishing wildlife and memorable drives, this photography workshop offers a once in a lifetime experience that you will never regret.

This 2024 Namibia Photography Workshop will be a great opportunity to visit this unique place while bringing home some wonderful souvenirs. Offering you what a country has best to offer is my goal, that is why I will bring you to the best photography spots in Namibia, from dunes to wildlife. 

Teaching you as much as I can about various photography styles such as composition and night photography is also part of my mission. Let's not forget the opportunity to exchange and network with other fellow photographers and hopefully create some great friendship.


This photography workshop is suited to any fitness level as most spot are reachable within a few minutes walking. We will be driving around the Islands and I will ensure that we will always be at the right time at the right place.

Day 1

We will meet at Tromso Airport before heading to Senja Islands. We will be crossing the relatively unknown Kvaloya Island to reach the ferry that will bring us to the Island. After about another hour driving, we will be reaching our first accommodation where will spend our three first nights.

If the weather is clear, we might be lucky to see the auroras and have our first photography session.

Day 2 to 4

We will start by exploring the northern part of the Island in the first part of our trip. There won't be a fix schedule from day 2 to day 4, as we will plan our days depending on the weather forecasts for the next day. Don't worry, even with poor weather conditions, the Island remains beautiful to photograph. In any case, we will ensure to visit all major view points and more during those days.

A typical day will start with breakfast at our accommodation and then go directly to our sunrise location. We might also take a breakfast to go in case we want to be on time on location for sunrise. 

The main location visited during these days will include Mefjordvaer, Husoy, the Devil's Teeth, and much more.


Day 4 to 6

During the second part of the Senja workshop 2024, will be dedicated to exploring the southern part of Senja Island where beautiful mountains, fjords and vast areas of snow will keep appearing in front of us.

As for the first 3 days, we will keep our schedule flexible and adapt to the weather. We will nonetheless ensure to visit the nicest areas of the island including Gryllefjord, Silfjord, Ham, etc.

Day 7

After a last sunset on Senja Islands we will head back towards Tromsø and make stops along the road as we are passing next to amazing locations (and trust me there will be!)

We will have diner in Tromsø, and depending on the weather we will take a last chance to see the Auroras to one of the best view point close to Tromsø.

Day 8

All good things have an end and this photography workshop is no exception. After breakfast, the group will be brought to Tromsø Airport where it will be time to leave each other after a warm goodbye.



All along this Namibia Photo Tour, we will be driving around the country. There will only be some short walks to the spots, therefore no specific fitness level is required. Long but scenic drives will be eased thanks to our comfy 4x4. These scenic drives will be topped by stops made along the way to enjoy Namibia's incredible nature and wildlife. Heat will be the main challenge in certain locations, but hats, sunscreen and plenty of water should be sufficient to handle it.


Day 1 - Sunday 8th September

This will be the first day of our tour in Namibia. All participants should arrive during the day and will be picked up at the airport by the local family owned car rental car. We will spend our first night in Windhoek before hitting the road on the next day. Details will be adjusted on a case by case shortly before the tour.

In the evening, we will do a briefing of the tour so that everyone can get to know the group and ask any questions.

Diner: the group will be dining at a local restaurant around or at the accommodation. 


Day 2 - Monday 9th September

Our 2024 Namibia photography workshop will really start after breakfast as we will head to our first spot: Keetmanshoop where we will be able to admire a Quiver tree forest as well as some domesticated cheetah. After some afternoon scouting, we will photograph the quiver trees at sunset time as well as during the night for astrophotography. This will include capturing the milkyway and try various type of photography techniques such as star trails and milkyway panorama.


Breakfast: at our hotel before departure

Lunch: stop on the way to the quiver tree forest

Diner: dining at the lodge


Day 3 - Tuesday 10th September

After sunrise at the quiver tree forest, we will have our breakfast and then drive towards our next location in Luderitz. Once settled, we will head to the incredible ghost town of Kolmanskop. Kolmanskop used to be one of the richest cities in the world at the beginning of the 20th century as it was created to support the exploitation of a diamond mine in the area. As photographers, we will be able to get a special pass giving us access to the park beyond public time openings. We will be there before sunset in order to scout the abandoned houses taken over by the sand before photographing these houses with the amazing sunset light. After sunset, we will head to our accommodation to enjoy a delightful diner.

Breakfast: at the lodge in Kolmanskop

Lunch: lunch on the way to Luderitz or in Luderitz depending on our time of arrival

Diner: Diner at our accommodation in Luderitz


Day 4 - Wednesday 11th September

We will wake up early to head back and photograph the sunrise at Kolmanskop to benefit from the incredible lights from the rising sun. After sunrise, we will have breakfast at our accommodation and then leave for one of the highlight of this Namibia Photography Workshop: the park of Sossusvlei.

Most of our day will be spent in the car, but don't get fooled by a long drive, Namibian landscapes are stunning no matter where you are. Stops will be made along the way to enjoy and photograph the views of the desert. We will settle at Sossusvlei Lodge for the next three nights, one of the two amazing lodges located right at the entrance of the park. If we arrive at our lodge early enough, we might head to the park for sunset. Otherwise, we will have a relax evening to make sure to fully enjoy the next two days that we'll spend in the park.  


Breakfast: at our hotel before departure from Luderitz

Lunch: on the way to Sossusvlei

Diner: Sossusvlei Lodge


Day 5 & 6 - Thursday 12th and Friday 13th September

The next two days of our 2024 Namibia Photography Tour will be dedicated to exploring the jewels of the Sossuvlei National Park in the Namib Desert. Discovering this park will be by far one of the highlights of this workshop with some of the most incredible and scenic landscapes you will ever have the opportunity to experience. We will explore the whole area including Deadvlei, Dune 45, the incredible wildlife as well as the incredible Deadvlei with it's 900 years old dead acacias. As the afternoon sun is usually strong in the park and the light less interesting, we will head back to our accommodation for lunch and take advantage of this available time to discuss landscape photography and do some post-processing sessions. At the end of the afternoon, will head to the park and take advantage of the amazing light and colors of the desert.

Breakfast: takeaway breakfast from our hotel

Lunch: at our hotel

Diner: at our hotel


Day 7 - Saturday 14th September

After a last sunrise in the Sossusvlei park, we will drive to Walvis Bay, a coastal city in Namibia. We will make a stop at Solitaire, a picturesque petrol station with abandoned cars exposed, and enjoy our lunch. For the most gourmands, trying the famous and tasty apfelstrudel (German apple pie) will be rewarding. After that stop, we will continue our journey towards our accommodation in Walvis Bay and find a spot for sunset on the shore to photographs flamingos, if time allows. As usual, we will stop along the way to photography some amazing nature.


Breakfast: takeaway from our hotel / at our hotel.

Lunch: lunch on the way to Walvis Bay.

Diner: diner at a local restaurant in Walvis Bay


Day 8 - Sunday 15th September 

Today we will have one of the most amazing experience from this Namibia Safari Photography tour. We will take part in a full day 4x4 tour with a local agency. This will include a visit to Sandwich Harbour, an old port where the dunes meet the sea. We will head to the heart of the dunes with an experienced driver and guide. Prepare your telephoto lens and your wide angle, as we will have the opportunity to stop in the desert to capture some fantastic photographs of the dunes as well as some Oryx. We will also enjoy a prepared lunch in the desert, including some drinks. We will also get to see the seal colony and have the opportunity to see flamingos and other birds present in the area.


Breakfast: breakfast at our hotel.

Lunch: lunch and drinks in the desert.

Diner: diner at a local restaurant at Walvis Bay.


Day 9 - Monday 16th September

The group will enjoy a well deserved rest that morning to recover from the intense last couple of days.  No early sunrise today, as the usual morning coastal fog will not allow for nice light. However, a short walk along the Flamingo Lagoon in Walvis Bay might deliver some amazing shots for the most courageous. Later in the morning, we will be heading towards our next destination: Spitzkoppe. We will discover prehistorical wall arts and wonderful granite mountains and rock formations. We will also take a scenic route and stop by the Moonlandscape view point. Spitzkoppe is incredible at sunset, sunrise and for night photography. For better access to the location, we will be camping directly in the park (hot showers and toilets available in the park).


Breakfast: at our hotel

Lunch: Lunch on the way to Spitzkoppe or at Spitzkoppe

Diner: diner at the Spitzkoppe restaurant


Day 10 - Tuesday 17th September

We will wake up early for sunrise and walk a few meters to the amazing Spitzkoppe Arch. Incredible and creative compositions with great light will lead to wonderful photographs. After sunset, we will head back to our camp and have breakfast. We will then start driving to our last (but not least) and probably most memorable experience of this Namibia Photography Workshop: the Erindi Private Game Reserve, where we will discover some wonderful Namibian wildlife. After settling down in our accommodation, we will head for our first Private Game Drive.


Breakfast: at Spitzkoppe restaurant

Lunch: lunch on the way to Erindi Reserve

Diner: diner at the Erindi Private Game Reserve


Day 11 & 12 - Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September 

The next two days will be spent at the Erindi Private Game Reserve, and will consist in discovering and photographing the incredible Namibian wildlife through private games drives. We will start and end the day with private game drives while seeing and photographing lions, elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, oryx, antelopes and so much more animals in their natural habitat. The afternoon will be dedicated to photography discussion and post-processing sessions. Resting and recovering from the past 10 days will also be possible while enjoying wildlife viewing at the waterhole visible right in front of the lodge.


Breakfast/Lunch/Diner: at the Erindi Private Game Reserves


Day 13 - Friday 20th September 

This will be the last day of our Namibia landscape and wildlife Photography Workshop, and to enjoy it until the end, we will head for our last private game drive in the Erindi Private Game Reserve. After breakfast, we will hit the road for a 3 hours drive back to Windhoek, where each participant will be transferred to the airport to catch their flight back home.


Breakfast: at the Erindi Private Game Reserves

photography workshop namibia

Techniques and skills learnt during the workshop

Participating in this Namibia photography workshop does not stop to your guide organizing your stay around the place, but also includes teaching of various photography techniques and knowledge.

Among these, the following techniques will be included either onsite, computer or both:

  • Planning and scouting

  • Gear choice

  • Focusing

  • Composition

  • Nightscape and Astrophotography

  • Exposure management

  • Focus stacking

  • Masking

  • and so much more.


  • The group will be accommodated mostly in lodges from 2 to 5 stars. 

  • Most accommodations are booked in twin rooms (2 separate beds), but a few nights include single bedrooms

  • There will be one night where the group will experience the Namibian way of travelling: camping in an idyllic campsite right in a national park and at the foot of the photography spot.

  • In this Namibia landscape photography workshop, we will spend 3 nights at a 4 stars lodge right entrance of the Sossusvlei national park.

  • There will also be 3 nights spent at a luxury lodge at a reserve, right in front of a waterhole where incredible African wildlife can be observed.

4x4 used during namibia landscape and wildlife photography workshop


We will be travelling with two recent 4x4 during this 2024 Namibia expedition that will allow safe drives in all roads across the country.

One of the vehicle will be driven by the photography guide, while the second one will be driven by a local driver who will accompany us during the whole trip.

Comfort is one of the priority during this kind of tours and having such vehicle will greatly serve this purpose.

Good to know about Namibia

Currency: the national currency of Namibia is the Namibian dollar 

  • Means of payment: Most places, even in the middle of the desert, accept credit card. Few places may ask for some cash therefore it is always convenient to hold some. As most of the country is desert, banks are mostly found in large cities and therefore it is preferable to withdraw cash in Windhoek. Having an international credit card such as Revolut can be helpful to limit bank fees and enjoy a decent exchange rate.

  • Electricity: Namibia uses the type D & M, which have three large round plugs and do not have any alternative. Adapters are mandatory. Do not forget one in order to charge your devices.

  • Internet: 4G is widely available in cities with a local simcard which are very affordable. However, a large part of the country does not have coverage no matter which carrier you are using. SIM cards can be bought at the airport (easier and quicker way) and in some stores in cities. Wifi is however available in many places including the hotel where we will stay.

dune and sea in namibia
remi bergougnoux workshop photography

Your Guide

  • Hi there, I am Rémi Bergougnoux, a French landscape photographer with extensive knowledge over various topics in landscape photography. 

  • I let behind my 9 to 5 corporate job in the course of 2021 before heading for a year in Latin America, exploring, and photographing this beautiful continent. While being back in Europe in the course of 2022, I decided to bring my photography to the next level, and take the chance to share my knowledge with other passionate photographer. Offering workshops came naturally to me given my knowledge of travelling, photography and desire to share my passion.

  • Besides workshops, I am also writing articles for magazines, writing photography guides, and creating YouTube video tutorials about landscape photography across Europe.

  • I explored the Lofoten Islands twice, a first time to discover it in 2020, and a second time when I spent a whole winter in 2023 exploring that part as well as the beautiful Senja Islands located further north.

  • To this day, I know exactly what to expect on the Island, whether we are talking about light or weather, and therefore will be able to guide you through the Island in order to catch the best possible photographs.

Physical level

Easy, no more than 10-15 minutes walking


beginner, enthusiast and semi-pro.


13 days

Number of participants



English and



5'590 €

(1000€ deposit, see conditions below)


  • Local driver

  • Private transportation in 4x4 during the whole trip

  • 4 passengers per vehicles for more comfort

  • Photography guide

  • Post-processing teaching

  • 6x sunrise and sunset private game drives in a private reserve with a local guide

  • Full day 4x4 tour in the Walvis Bay desert

  • Night access to a quiver tree forest

  • Special access to the ghost town of Kolmanskop

  • Transfer from/to the airport

  • Accommodation in 2 to 5 stars lodges (single rooms available upon availability - please contact us)

  • 1x Camping night in a national park at the foot of a great photography spot

  • All meals (lunches on the first and last day are not provided).

  • Water during the whole trip

  • Park entry fees


  • Flight to/from Namibia

  • Travel insurance

  • Beverages and Alcoholic beverages

  • Snacks between meals

  • Photography equipment

  • Lunches on the first and last day of the trip

  • Clothing


Workshop price and payment conditions

  • The workshop price is 5'590 EUR per person

  • Upon registration to the workshop, a full list of gear and clothing recommended will be provided to ease the participant organization.

  • Payment conditions:

    • 1'000 EUR deposit at time of booking

    • The remaining to be paid up to 60 days before the start of the tour

    • Payment in full also possible at time of booking

  • Payment methods​

    • Payment links from Stripe will be received alongside the registration documents

  • Terms and Conditions apply​ (received alongside the registration form).

Contact us to receive the subscription form or if you have any questions!

Thank you for your request: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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