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landscape photography workshop

Landscape Photography Workshop

Discover The World Through Your Lens

Through my landscape photography workshops, you will be able to learn the basics of photography, explore incredible landscapes, and capture beautiful images that you’ll be proud to share with the world. The landscape photography tours I offer will bring you to some of the most incredible and unique places in Europe and beyond. My photography workshops focus on teaching you the basics of landscape photography while exploring the breathtaking beauty of nature. 

Join me on this journey and let’s explore the beauty of the world together.


  February 17th, 2024 to February 24th, 2024  

Lofoten Islands

From March 4th to March 10th


  September 8th, 2024 to September 20th, 2024  
6 Pax maximum
3 Spots remaining (6 Pax min)
photography workshop switzerland30.jpg

Alps Photography Tour

29th September to 10th October 2024
7 Pax maximum
7 Spots remaining (4 Pax min)

Dolomites, Fall Colors

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October 20th to October 26th 2024
7 Pax maximum
7 Spots remaining (5 Pax min)
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