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Lofoten Islands - Winter Photography Guide - Travel Guide - Camper Travel Guide


Are you planning on visiting the Lofoten Islands for a photography trip in winter? Travelling during winter with your camper or motorhome to the Lofoten Islands? Or just visiting the Lofoten Islands ?


Then, don't look any further, here is the solution to all of this.


Free Update for Life


No online articles can replace a fully fleshed out book.



  • 78 Pages to know what to visit in the Lofoten Islands with tons of information, pictures examples and explanations.
  • Interactive map with pictures and comments based on Google Map
  • A complete guide to travelling to the Arctic Circle with a camper, campervan or motorhome.
  • Get instantly all you need to know to be ready, how to get to the Lofoten Islands, how to drive around, what to wear, and so much more.
  • Auroras Cheat Sheet
  • Lifetime update


Whether you are an experienced or a beginner photographer, or even just a traveler in quest of incredible places, scouting for locations while traveling to a new place is always a time-consuming process. Searching online will lead to scrolling through numerous websites and blogs for hours, finding lots of information, not always relevant to your exact needs. Using Google Earth to understand the perspective of the terrains is really incredible, but nothing is like feeling the reality or getting true insights of what a place really looks like. This guide is therefore aiming at answering all these questions and more about the Lofoten Islands.


Table of Content:

  1. Interactive Map
  2. Recommended Itinerary
  3. Lofoten Islands History
  4. Planning Your Stay
  5. Photography Locations
  6. Auroras Cheat Sheet


Lofoten Islands - EBOOK Winter Photography and Travel Guide

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