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Camargue Photography Workshop

From May 2nd, 2025 to May 8th, 2025


Capture the essence of Camargue

This Camargue Photography Workshop will allow you to photograph the beautiful and typical white horses and bulls spectacle in the Camargue region in France.  Filled with traditions and nature, the natural habitat of this region is being preserved to ensure that wildlife, and especially birdlife can thrive. Camargue is also very well known for hosting one of the largest population of flamingos in Europe, which our group will also enjoy photographing.

By joining this 2025 Camargue Horse Photography Workshop, you will be able to photograph herds of horses and bulls guided by their traditionally dressed Gardians. All of our shooting will have a different theme in order to have various and outstanding photography outcomes. I also want to ensure that our group discovers a little more than the horses in this region. We will consequently shoot in various locations and subjects including Falmingos, salt marshes and local beaches

This time of the year is perfect for stunning sunrise and sunset lights.


This Photography Tour in Camargue will consist of alternating sunsets and sunrises horses and bull photography sessions, ornithological park visit, local beaches and salt marshes sunset sessions. There is no physical conditions required as most of our location are reachable within a few minutes through easy walks. 

Day 1 - April 2nd 2025

On the first day of this Camargue Horse Photography Workshop, we will all meet t Marseilles airport at around 12pm. We will then leave directly to our accommodation in Camargue. We will have a presentation about the tour, and have a first introductory session about bird photography and what to expect during our first photography session that will be held later that day. We will then head to one of the most popular ornithological parks in France to observe and photograph birds until sunset. After dinner, we will hold a short session to talk about our next morning photography session.


Dinner: at a local restaurant close to our accommodation. 

Day 2 - April 2nd 2025

We will wake up before sunrise to join our Horse photography location that will be held close to the beach in Saintes Marie de la Mer. This session will last for about 2 hours, where we will photograph horses galloping through beach and sea with the beautiful rising sunlight. This will be a magical moment where there will be an opportunity to product unforgettable pictures.

After that session, we will head for breakfast and then have our first photography review session.

After lunch we will have some free time.

Later the day, we will head towards Aigues Mortes, where will we meet our local guide to photograph the surrounding salt marshes at sunset.

Breakfast: at our accommodation

Lunch: at a local restaurant

Dinner: at a local restaurant

Day 3 - April 2nd 2025

We will start the day with a sunrise bull session, where our accompanying team of horseriders will perform a bull sorting, where the dry dirt flying around might create a wonderful atmosphere. This will be followed by a bull chasing (harmless for the animals) in the swamps for dynamic pictures.

After that session we will head for breakfast and will perform a morning editing session. If time allows, an afternoon individual review session will be done during the afternoon and an introduction over the evening session will be performed. 

After few days of training and getting used to photograph moving subject, we will head for sunrise to one of the most beautiful sessions of this workshop. Horses will be guided by their horsemen and running through marshes with backlit sunset creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Breakfast: at our accommodation

Lunch: at a local restaurant

Dinner: at a local restaurant

Day 4 - April 2nd 2025

Our Camargue Wildlife Photography Workshop will continue with a sunrise session will be held in some swamps close to Aigues Mortes to photograph the pink flamingos of Camargue with the sun rising on the background. This will be a moment where unique photographs can be taken.

We will then head for breakfast and the participants will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful medieval fortress of Aigues Mortes in the morning when the place is quieter. Be ready for a moment full of history and traditions. In the afternoon, we will have either a post-processing session or a review session. The group will then be presented what to expect for our evening sessions where we will head towards a desert beach offering great landscape opportunities with amazing light.

We will then have dinner on our way back to our accommodation.

Breakfast: at our accommodation

Lunch: at a local restaurant

Dinner: at a local restaurant

Day 5 - April 2nd 2025

That will be the last day of our Camargue Photography Tour and to end it properly, we will head for one last sunrise horse show session. As the Group will have gone through some of them, you will be able to decide which one you would prefer to repeat. In any case, any of them will be a delightful experience. After that last session, we will head for breakfast and then head towards Marseille Airport for midday, from where you'll be able to catch your flight back home or onward to your next destination.

Breakfast: at our accommodation


Techniques and skills learnt during the workshop

Participating in this Camargue Horse Photography Workshop does not stop to your guide organizing your stay around the place, but also to the teaching of various photography techniques and knowledge.

Among these, the following techniques will be included either onsite or on your computer:

  • Photographing fast moving subjects 

  • Gear choice

  • Focusing

  • Composition

  • Long exposure

  • Exposure management

  • Focus stacking

  • Masking

  • and so much more.

Accommodation, Food, & Transportation

  • Our group will be accommodated in a local hotel well located to avoid long transportation time,m especially at sunrise.

  • Breakfasts are included and will generally be eaten after our sunrise sessions. Some snacks could be handy, although eating during the horses/bulls session will be difficult given the necessary need for attention.

  • Lunch will be eaten at local restaurants on a daily basis and are included in the tour price.

  • A welcome dinner is included in the tour price.

  • Dinners from day 2 to 4 will also be eaten at local restaurants but are not included in the tour price. Dinner prices generally vary between 30€ and 50€.

  • The group will be transported throughout the whole tour in a 9 seaters minivan. It will be driven by your photography guide all along the tour.


Good to know about France

  • Currency: the national currency of France is the Euro. 

  • Means of payment: Paying by card in France is possible in nearly most location. Contacless payment are usually allowed up to 40€. Having an international credit card such as Revolut can be helpful to limit fees and enjoy a decent exchange rate.

  • Electricity: Norway uses the Europlug (Type C & E). An adaptor will be needed depending on which region your coming from in the world.

  • Internet: Wi-Fi will be available in our hotel, Although 4G is available in most places, we will be photographing in fairly remote locations and mobile network might be scarced at times. If travelling from Europe, France is likely to be included in your data roaming. For people outside Europe, looking for a package with your operator can be handy if you truly need internet.  In any case, the use of the smartphone during our photography sessions will be limited as I will ensure to keep you busy taking pictures.

Your Guide

  • Hi there, I am Rémi Bergougnoux, a French landscape photographer with extensive knowledge over various topics in landscape photography. 

  • I let behind my 9 to 5 corporate job in the course of 2021 before heading for a year in Latin America, exploring, and photographing this beautiful continent. While being back in Europe in the course of 2022, I decided to bring my photography to the next level, and take the chance to share my knowledge with other passionate photographer. Offering workshops came naturally to me given my knowledge of travelling, photography and desire to share my passion.

  • Besides workshops, I am also writing articles for magazines, writing photography guides, and creating YouTube video tutorials about landscape photography across Europe.

workshop lofoten islands remi bergougnoux


1. What weather should I expect in April/May in Camargue?​

Camargue is generally a very sunny and relatively hot region in France. Sun is generally expected, however, lately, the weather has proved to be a tricky matter with heavy rainfall during early spring. In some years  Generally, the weather should be welcoming.

2. Is horses/bulls any animal abuse?

No, there is not! It is important for me that the horses and bull we photograph are well treated. The horsemen we deal with are professionals and these are their own animals, therefore they really take care of them. Participating in these kinds of tours helps finance horse/bulls maintenance and the

traditions of this region.

4. I am a novice or enthusiast photographer, will I get some support?

Don't worry, this tour is suited for all levels. My goal as photographer is making sure that you can bring amazing pictures to show your friends/family and of course decorate your home. You will therefore get support and advices based on my experience.

output-onlinepngtools (14).png

Physical Level

Easy, no mare than 10-15 minutes walking

output-onlinepngtools (7)_edited.png


All levels are welcome

output-onlinepngtools (13).png


5 days  starting and ending at pick-up/drop-off in Marseille Airport

output-onlinepngtools (14) copy.png

Group Size

From 4 to 6 people for an individual experience

output-onlinepngtools (14).png


2'390 €

+ 400€ for small group of 4 people.

(see conditions below)


  • Photography and tour guide

  • Post-processing teaching

  • Group and individual photography reviews

  • Transport during the whole trip

  • 3 white Camargue horses photography sessions

  • 1 Camargue bull photography session

  • 1 sunset photography in an ornithological park

  • 1 salt mashes photography session with a local guide

  • Small group of up to 6 participants for a personalized experience

  • All breakfasts and lunches

  • Welcome dinner


  • Flight to/from Marseille

  • Dinners from day 2 to 4 (see Accommodation, food & transportation section above for more details) 

  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)

  • Beverages and Alcoholic beverages

  • Snacks between meals

  • Photography equipment


Workshop price and payment conditions

  • The workshop price is 2'390 EUR per person from 5 participants on. An additional 400 EUR will be asked in case of small group up to 4 participants, bringing the workshop price up to 2'790 EUR.

  • Upon registration to the workshop, a full list of gear and recommended clothing will be provided to ease the participant's organization.

  • Payment conditions:

    • Deposit 750 EUR at time of booking.

    • The remaining to be paid up to 90 days before the start of the tour if booked before that,

    • If booking after 90 days before the tour starts, the full payment will be required at time of booking

    • Payment in full also possible at time of booking

  • Payment methods​

    • 50 EUR at registration (as part of the deposit)

    • Remaining deposit amount (710 EUR) paid through a payment link or bank transfer sent  by email post-registration

    • Remaining payment paid through bank transfer or payment links received according to payment conditions

  • Terms and Conditions apply​ (received alongside the registration form)

Contact us to receive the registration form or if you have any questions!

Thank you for your request: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

License Disclaimer

Any workshops and tours guided by Rémi Bergougnoux are commercialized by Terra Nova Travel through

Terra Nova Travel is officially registered with Atout France as a travel agency and is part of the travel agencies’ Professional Solidarity Association (“Association Professionnelle de Solidarité”).

The Travel Agency is also a member of the representative office Les entreprises du voyage.

Atout France travel agent license number n°IM075120067APST Financial Guaranty of 200’000 €

Professional Liability Insurance from Allianz IARD n° 086808657 / 1 600 000 €

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