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photography workshop in patagonia

Patagonia - Photography Workshop 2025

April 6th, 2025 to April 19th, 2025

photography tour in patagonia

Patagonia Photography Workshop in 2025

Join an incredible Photography Tour in Patagonia, and discover the beauty of the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia. Patagonia is one of those places where experiencing true nature becomes reality. From vast areas of untouched nature, surrealist mountainous sceneries, surprising wildlife and massive glaciers, this Patagonia Photography Workshop will deliver on a unique and intimate experience that will be forever remembered.

This 2025 Patagonia Photography tour will be a great opportunity to visit this unique place while bringing home some wonderful souvenirs. As a landscape photographer, Patagonia is one of the best places to visit on earth, and my goal as your guide is to get a truly immersive experience in the area. 

Teaching you as much as I can, and ensuring that you bring home incredible pictures and souvenirs of this tour, is part of my mission. Let's not forget the opportunity to exchange and network with other fellow photographers, and, hopefully, create some great friendships.

Day 4 to 6

During the second part of the Senja workshop 2024, will be dedicated to exploring the southern part of Senja Island where beautiful mountains, fjords and vast areas of snow will keep appearing in front of us.

As for the first 3 days, we will keep our schedule flexible and adapt to the weather. We will nonetheless ensure to visit the nicest areas of the island including Gryllefjord, Silfjord, Ham, etc.

Day 7

After a last sunset on Senja Islands we will head back towards Tromsø and make stops along the road as we are passing next to amazing locations (and trust me there will be!)

We will have diner in Tromsø, and depending on the weather we will take a last chance to see the Auroras to one of the best view point close to Tromsø.

Day 8

All good things have an end and this photography workshop is no exception. After breakfast, the group will be brought to Tromsø Airport where it will be time to leave each other after a warm goodbye.



This 2025 Patagonia Landscape Photography Tour is designed for most individuals. We will be driving in a recent 9 seaters minivan through the Chilean and the Argentinian Patagonia. We will discover most of what the region has to offer including mountains, lakes, wildlife, etc. Please note that the second part of this trip will require some hiking and having a minimum level of fitness will be needed in order to reach the most beautiful and unique photography spots of the Argentinian Patagonia. The most difficult hike will remain optional, but achieving them will be rewarding (check here for more details).


Day 1 - Sunday 6th April

As the first day of this Photography Workshop in Patagonia, all participants should arrive in Punta Arenas during the day and will be picked up at the airport by your photography guide. For those who want to anticipate flight delays or possible jet lag, you could possibly arrive a day or two in advance either in Santiago de Chile or in Punta Arenas. 

Depending on the arrival time of the participants, we might go for our first sunset around Punta Arenas.

In the evening, we will do a briefing about the tour so that everyone can get to know each other, and ask any questions about the trip or photography.

Diner: the group will be dining at a local restaurant around or at our accommodation. 


Day 2 - Monday 7th

Our 2025 Patagonia photography workshop will really start after breakfast as we will drive North towards the famous Torres del Paine National Park. This will be a four hours drive from Punta Arenas, and we will aim to arrive there early afternoon. As we approach the park, the majestic Patagonian mountains will start drawing themselves in front of our eyes for our greatest pleasure. 

We will immediately head to one of the greatest spots in the park that will be chosen by your guide depending on the weather at the time of arrival. The group will then spend the afternoon around there until sunset.

We will then head to our accommodation, which is located right at the entrance of the park.

After diner, the group will be presented with some photography techniques that will be used in during the rest of the tour.


Breakfast: at our hotel before departure from Punta Arenas

Lunch: picnic or quick stop at a restaurant on the way to Torres del Paine

Diner: dining at our hotel in Torres del Paine

Day 3 to 5 - Tuesday 8th to Friday 11th April

The next three days will be spent in Torres del Paine. There are no difficult hikes expected in the area, most of the spots are reachable within 30 minutes easy walk maximum.  We will be driving in our minivan throughout the whole park. Although there is no fixed schedule, the days are expected to be organized with a sunrise session, some rest from before lunch till early mid-afternoon at our hotel to finish with a sunset session, The resting time will be a great opportunity to do some photography review as well as editing sessions.

One of these days will be completed by a puma tracking session with a local guide and specialist. There is no guarantee to see the pumas as it is usually the case with wildlife, but looking for it actively with the help of our guide will certainly increase our chances by a huge margin.

Breakfast: at our hotel or takeaway from our hotel

Lunch: picnic or at our hotel

Diner: at our hotel

Day 7 - Friday 11th 

After a last sunrise in Torres del Paine, we will continue our Patagonia Landscape Photography Workshop by crossing the Argentinian border, and drive to El Chaltén. This will be a day-long and scenic drive drive on tarred road to El Chaltén. Hopefully, we will arrive on time at El Chaltén for our first sunset session at one of the spots close to the city.


Breakfast: at our hotel or takeaway from our hotel

Lunch: picnic or quick stop at a restaurant on the way to El Chaltén

Diner: at our hotel

Day 8 to 10 - Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th April

The next few days of this 2025 Patagonia Photography Tour will be scheduled in function of the unpredictable Patagonian weather, but rest assured that most spots will be visited. We will be staying at the same hotel in the village during our entire stay.

As there are no roads to most of the greatest viewpoint in the area, our group will do a few hikes during this part of the tour. These hikes are about 4 to 9kms (2.5 to 5 miles) one way (check the details on these hikes):

  1. the hike to the Laguna Torre to have a beautiful view over the Cerro Torre,

  2. the hike to Laguna Capri to have a splendid view over the famous Fitz Roy.

These hikes are not mandatory, but I would still recommend doing at least one of them, as the view one gets once onsite is just marvelous. Therefore, getting decently in shape before this trip will be extremely rewarding.


Easy hikes and walks are also planned to other amazing photography spots.

Breakfast: takeaway or at our hotel

Lunch: Picnic or at our lodge

Diner: Diner at our hotel or a local restaurant

Day 11 - Wednesday 16th April

Our group will do a last sunrise around El Chaltén to ensure capturing memorable pictures of this incredible location. After sunrise and breakfast, our group will do a morning editing or review session. After a few days spent discovering El Chaltén, it will be time to continue this Patagonia Photography Workshop with a two hours drive towards our next great destination in Argentina, El Calafate. This will be the place where we will discover and witness the beauty of one of the largest glacier on Earth, the Perito Moreno. However, the national park being open only on a fixed schedule, we will have an afternoon of rest. The group will be free to walk around and perhaps dare to try the mouth watering Argentinian Alfjores (you really should !!), which are by far the best to be tried in all of Latin America.


Breakfast: takeaway or at our hotel

Lunch: at a local restaurant in El Chaltén

Diner: Diner at a local restaurant in El Calafate

Day 12 - Thursday 17th April

We will wake up early to head as early as possible to the national park to catch the best light possible over the Perito Merino. Our group will be able to spend as much time as needed/wanted there, and enjoy the beauty of the Glacier. Therefore, waiting and photographing this special moment when massive pieces of ice fall into the water will become a reality. Patience and perseverance will be key in this exercise. 

There will be a possibility to do an optional glacier walking tour for those who are interested in. This will need to be booked at one of the local agencies in El Calafate the day before. It takes a few hours and usually includes transport. We can discuss logistic once there if any workshop participants are interested.


Breakfast: at our hotel before departure to the Perito Moreno Glacier

Lunch: at the Perito Moreno glacier

Diner: at a local restaurant in El Calafate

Day 13 - Friday 18th April

After an incredible two weeks going through the wonders of Patagonia, this will be time for us to get back to Punta Arenas. After a sunrise observing and photographing the Flamingos at Lago Argentino in El Calafate, the group of this Patagonia Photography Tour will start its journey back to Punta Arenas. For those wanting to fly back home from Argentina, or who wish to stay in Argentina for a little longer, this will be time to say goodbye. We will make stops along the way, to rest and enjoy the views from Patagonia. Depending on where we are at sunset time, we might do a last sunset either on a spot along the road, or around the port of Punta Arenas.

Breakfast: at our hotel in El Calafate

Lunch: Picnic or at a restaurant along the road

Diner: in a local restaurant in Punta Arenas


Day 14 - Saturday 19th April

This will be the last day of our Patagonia Landscape Photography Workshop, and for those willing to do a last sunrise, we will go to the port of Punta Arenas, where countless seagulls are flying in the area. We will then head back to our hotel to finally pack our bags one last time before heading to the Airport, where it will be time for a last goodbye and exchange over the good experiences we had over the past two weeks.


Breakfast: at hour hotel in Punta Arenas

Your Adventure

travel map in patagonia photography tour by remi bergougnoux
sunrise during a photography workshop in patagonia

Techniques and skills learnt during the workshop

Participating in this Patagonia photography workshop does not stop to your guide organizing your stay around the visited locations, but also includes teaching of various photography techniques and knowledge.

Among these, the following techniques will be included either onsite, computer or both:

  • Planning and scouting

  • Gear choice

  • Focusing

  • Composition

  • Nightscape and Astrophotography

  • Exposure management

  • Focus stacking

  • Masking

  • and so much more.

Accommodations, Food & Transportation

  • The group is limited to 6 participants in order to ensure your guide to spent enough time with each of you.

  • Our group will be mostly accommodated in hotels or apartment from 2 to 4 stars (or equivalent).

  • There will be a highlight accommodation in Torres del Paine, where the hotel has a direct view over the impressive Cordillera Paine.

  • There are only double rooms with twins or double beds available. For single rooms, please contact me.

  • All hotels have breakfast included.

  • Lunch will be eaten either as picnics or at local restaurants depending on the activity of the day (please refer to the above program for more details)

  • Diners will be eaten either at our accommodation or at local restaurants.

  • Our group will be travelling in a recent 9-seaters minivan driven by your guide. Since not all seats will be taken, each participant will have plenty of space and be comfortable.

2025 landscape photography tour in patagonia

Good to know about Chile & Argentina

Currency: the national currency of Namibia is the Namibian dollar 

  • Means of payment: Most places, accept credit card. Few places may ask for some cash therefore it is always convenient to hold some. Having an international credit card such as Revolut can be helpful to limit bank fees and enjoy a decent exchange rate.

    • Chile: the Chilean peso is generally stable and foreign exchange offices can be found everywhere. Using a regular credit card or a Revolut is possible in most places.​

    • Argentina: On the contrary, the Argentinian peso is constantly under pressure, and the country experiences constant hyperinflation. There is an official rate that will be charged by your bank and an unofficial rate called the Dollar Blue. This rate is about double the official rate, lowering prices by about 50%, but cannot be found everywhere. However, many Argentinian shops are willing to exchange pesos against a more stable currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) so it could be possible to find some. In general, you would not need many Pesos here, as the tour is all included, and we will be busy most of the time.

  • Electricity: Chile uses the type C & type L plugs while Argentina uses type C & type I plugs. Adapters might be handy. Do not forget one in order to charge your devices.

  • Internet: 4G is widely available in cities with a local simcard which are affordable. However, most remote places won't have coverage, such as Torres del Paine or during our hikes in El Chaltén. Wifi is however available in many places, including the hotel where we will stay.

Your Guide

  • Hi, I am Rémi Bergougnoux, a French landscape photographer with extensive knowledge over various topics in landscape photography. 

  • I let behind my 9 to 5 corporate job in the course of 2021 before heading for a year in Latin America, learning Spanish, and photographing this beautiful continent. While being back in Europe in the course of 2022, I decided to bring my photography to the next level, and take the chance to share my knowledge with other passionate photographer. Offering workshops came naturally to me given my knowledge of travelling, photography and desire to share my passion.

  • Besides workshops, I am also writing articles for magazines, writing photography guides, and creating YouTube video tutorials about landscape photography across Europe.

  • I explored Patagonia several times in the course of the past few years, and each time the stunning and untouched surrounding nature keeps impressing me. I truly hold that part of the world in my heart, and sharing this experience is a true opportunity to help workshop participants to reconnect with simplicity yet in a complex environment.

remi bergougnoux workshop photography
landscape photography workshop in el chalten


  • How tough are the hikes? Do I need to be super fit?

In El Chaltén, there is unfortunately no other possibilities to reach the best spots than hiking. There is no need to be super fit to do any of these hikes, however being able to walk for several hours, with a backpack, uphill and various terrain is important to achieve them. Most people can do it with a bit of training. 

  • Are the lunches and dinner really included?

Yes, they are, in all location where we are going. There is a budget allocated for each meal, which should be sufficient to satisfy any type of hanger.

  • ​Will we drive a lot during this Patagonia Photography Tour?

The longest drives will be between each of the main dstination, From Punta Arenas to Tores del Paine (about 4h), between Torres del Paine and El Chaltén (6h), and from El Calafate to Punt Arenas on the last day (6h). Once on site, we will use our vehicle, but driving time will limited.

output-onlinepngtools (14).png

Physical Level

Moderate. There are longer hikes, not mandatory, especially in El Chaltén which everyone can do with a bit of conditions.

output-onlinepngtools (7)_edited.png


All levels are welcome

output-onlinepngtools (13).png


14 days starting and ending at pick-up/drop-off in Punta Arenas Airport

output-onlinepngtools (14) copy.png

Group Size

Up to 6 people for an individual experience

output-onlinepngtools (14).png


5'290 €

Deposit of 1'000€ at time of registration to secure your spot


  • Private transportation in a minivan during the whole trip

  • Photography guide fluent in English and Spanish

  • Post-processing teaching

  • Transfer from/to the airport

  • Accommodation in 2 to 5 stars hotels (single rooms available upon availability - please contact us)

  • All meals (lunches on the first and last day are not provided).

  • One day Puma tracking with a localprofessional guide

  • Park entry fees


  • Flight to/from Punta Arenas

  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)

  • Beverages and Alcoholic beverages

  • Snacks between meals

  • Photography equipment

  • Lunches on the first and last day of the trip

  • Clothing

Workshop price and payment conditions

  • The workshop price is 5'290 EUR per person

  • Upon registration to the workshop, a full list of gear and clothing recommended will be provided to ease the participant organization.

  • Payment conditions:

    • 1'000 EUR deposit at time of booking

    • The remaining to be paid up to 90 days before the start of the tour

    • Payment in full also possible at time of booking

  • Payment methods​

    • Payment links from Stripe will be received alongside the registration documents

  • Terms and Conditions apply​ (received alongside the registration form).

Contact us to receive the subscription form or if you have any questions!

Thank you for your request: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Longest Hikes in El Chalten

Lago Capri 

  • Level: medium, easy terrain, a bit steep in the first part, but most people make it.

  • Departure would be 3 hours before sunrise to ensure we can make it on time.

  • Highlight: view over Fitz Roy with multiple foregrounds opportunities.

  • Mandatory: no, will only be done if weather conditions allows it


Cerro Torre

  • Level: medium, easy terrain, a bit steep in the first part, but most people make it.

  • Departure would be 3 hours before sunrise to ensure we can make it on time.

  • Highlight: view over Fitz Roy with multiple foregrounds opportunities.

  • Mandatory: no, will only be done if weather conditions allows it

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