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lofoten photography workshop 2025

Lofoten Islands Photography Workshop

From February 2nd, 2025 to February 8th, 2025

lofoten photography workshop 2025

Explore the Lofoten Islands through your lens

This Lofoten Islands Photography Workshop will be a great opportunity to discover one of the best winter locations to explore as a photographer. With its fjord, rorbus (huts), sharp mountains plunging into the sea, and obviously the majestic northern lights, everything is present to represent the majesty of this beautiful arctic regions.

During this 2025 Lofoten Workshop, I will bring you to all worthy locations the Island has to offer, and provide you with lots of insights to improve your photography skills and spend an incredible time in the company of fellow photographers.

This time of the year is perfect to enjoy long nights, rising the chances to see the Auroras, but also have amazing lights almost all day long with nearly back to back sunrises and sunsets.


All along our Lofoten Photography Tour we will be driving around the island with only short walks to the spots, therefore no specific fitness level is required.

Day 1 - February 2nd 2025

On the first day of this Lofoten Islands Workshop, we will be waiting for all participants to arrive at Leknes Airport, and then head to our accommodation. Depending on our time of arrival, we will make some stops along the road and start shooting great pictures. If the weather allows, we will be chasing the northern lights close to our accommodation.

Day 2 to 6 - February 3rd to February 7th 2025 

There won't be a fix schedule from day 2 to day 6 of this Lofoten Islands Photography Tour as we will plan our days depending on the weather forecasts for the next day. Don't worry, even with poor weather conditions, the Island remains beautiful to photograph. In any case, we will ensure to visit all major view points and more during those days.

A typical day will start with breakfast at our accommodation and then go directly to our sunrise location. It is important to have breakfast before departure, as the amazing and lasting light from the morning will keep us busy for hours shooting the wonders offered by the Lofoten Islands. 

We will be visiting all amazing locations on the islands including Reine, Hamnoy, Skagsanden, Uttakleiv, etc. 

We will generally have lunch on the go, or in a local restaurant if times allows, depending on where we are heading and how good will the light will be at our locations.

We will have a welcome dinner on the first or second evening, as well as a goodbye dinner on our last evening. On the other evenings, participants will need to prepare their own dinner. A stop at a local supermarket will be made, when necessary, to buy some supplies.

The days will be punctuated by chasing the Auroras to top the overall experience.

This Lofoten Islands Photography Workshop will also be a great opportunity to do a post treatment session, as well as at least one group photo review. If time allows, an individual photography coaching session for each participant will be held.

On the best nights, auroras in the Lofoten Islands can last long, and stopping photographing them might be difficult, and we won't stop doing so as long the group gets tired of it (which is unlikely). However, this can render the workshop schedule difficult and exhausting, therefore participants will be free to rest whenever they feel the need for it.

Day 7 - February 8th 2025

This will be the end of this Lofoten photography Workshop, and this will be the day workshop participants will head back to their home country.

After a last sunrise on the beautiful Lofoten Islands, the group will be brought to the Airport in Leknes, and we will leave each other after a warm goodbye.

Drop off at any other locations can be organized according to feasibility.

lofoten winter photography tour

Techniques and skills learnt during the workshop

Participating to this Lofoten Island photography workshop does not stop to your guide organizing your stay around the place, but also to the teaching of various photography techniques and knowledge.

Among these, the following techniques will be included either onsite or on your computer:

  • Planning and scouting

  • Gear choice

  • Focusing

  • Composition

  • Long exposure

  • Nightscape and Astrophotography

  • Exposure management

  • Focus stacking

  • Masking

  • and so much more.

Accommodation, Food, & Transportation

  • Our group will be in a local rorbuer centrally located, helping for reaching out the best photography spots in the Lofoten Islands

  • We will be accommodated in single rooms a villa and a chalet in the heart of the Lofoten Islands facing a beautiful fjord.

  • All participants will have a single room during the whole trip.

  • Breakfasts will be eaten before leaving the accommodation in the morning.

  • Lunch will be eaten as a picnic, or through a quick seat at a local restaurant if time allows.

  • Welcome and farewell diners at local restaurants are included in the tour.

  • In winter, most restaurants in the Lofoten Islands are closed. Therefore, for the other dinners, a common pot will be created for groceries, and food will be prepared at our accommodation by ourselves (4 diners). There is no obligation to participate in the pot, especially in case of specific regime needs.

  • There is a fully equipped kitchen and diner can easily be prepared.

  • The group will be transported in a 9 seater van from Leknes Airport. It will be driven by your photography guide all along the tour.

lofoten photography workshop sakisroy

Good to know about Norway and the Lofoten

  • Currency: the national currency of Norway in the Norwegian krone 

  • Means of payment: In the Lofoten you can pay everywhere with your credit card even for small amounts. Wearing cash is therefore not necessary. Having an international credit card such as Revolut can be helpful to limit fees and enjoy a decent exchange rate.

  • Electricity: Norway uses the Europlug (Type C & F), which has two round plugs. If you are travelling from the US you will certainly need an adaptor.

  • Internet: Wi-Fi will be available in our accommodation, most places offer internet and 4G is available in most places on the island. If travelling from Europe, Norway is likely to be included in your data roaming. Therefore you'll have internet in most places. For people outside Europe, either looking for a package can be done or a SIM cards can be bought in some stores. In any case, the use of the smartphone will be limited as I will ensure to keep you busy taking pictures.

Your Guide

  • Hi there, I am Rémi Bergougnoux, a French landscape photographer with extensive knowledge over various topics in landscape photography. 

  • I let behind my 9 to 5 corporate job in the course of 2021 before heading for a year in Latin America, exploring, and photographing this beautiful continent. While being back in Europe in the course of 2022, I decided to bring my photography to the next level, and take the chance to share my knowledge with other passionate photographer. Offering workshops came naturally to me given my knowledge of travelling, photography and desire to share my passion.

  • Besides workshops, I am also writing articles for magazines, writing photography guides, and creating YouTube video tutorials about landscape photography across Europe.

  • I explored the Lofoten Islands numerous times since 2020 including a month long during a winter camper trip in 2023 that also included a trip to Senja Island located further north.

  • To this day, I know exactly what to expect on the Island, whether we are talking about light or weather, and therefore will be able to guide you through the Island in order to catch the best possible photographs.

workshop lofoten islands remi bergougnoux


1. What weather should I expect in February?​

It is always hard to predict what the weather will be in northern Norway. However, temperatures are generally within the -5 °C (23°F) to +5°C (41°F), with colder feel on windy days. Days can be mildly to very windy, and therefore it is important to be ready for it. Heavy snowfalls can also be expected anytime during this period.

2. Will I be able to see the northern light in February in the Lofoten Islands?

As long as there is night, there is a likelihood of seeing northern lights in the Lofoten Islands. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to see them, as the weather can be capricious. Not to worry, nights are long, and we will go out to great spots to ensure seeing them during the whole trip.

3. Is there daylight in February in the Lofoten Islands?

At that period, there is a great combination of daylight and night. It is easy to photograph all day long as the sun remains low, while nights are long enough, increasing the chances of seeing the northern lights.

4. I am a novice or enthusiast photographer, will I get some support?

Don't worry, this tour is suited for all levels. My goal as photographer is making sure that you can bring amazing pictures to show your friends/family and of course decorate your home. You will therefore get support and advices based on my experience.

Physical level

Easy, no more than 10-15 minutes walking


Beginner, enthusiast and semi-pro.


6 nights / 7 days

Number of participants

6 Max.




2'390 €

Single Room included

(see conditions below)


  • Photography and tour guide

  • Post-processing teaching

  • Car with driver during the whole trip

  • Single occupancy room in a villa right on a Fjord

  • Small group of up to 6 participants for a personalized experience

  • Individual coaching session

  • Transfer from/to the airport in Leknes (port in Moskenes also possible upon agreement)

  • All breakfasts (excluding day 1) and lunches (excluding day 1 and 7)

  • Welcome and Goodbye dinners (2x dinners)


  • Flight to/from the Lofoten

  • Dinners from day 2 to 5 (see Accommodation, food & transportation section above for more details) 

  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)

  • Beverages and Alcoholic beverages

  • Snacks between meals

  • Photography equipment

Workshop price and payment conditions

  • The workshop price is 2'390 EUR per person.

  • Upon registration to the workshop, a full list of gear and recommended clothing will be provided to ease the participant's organization.

  • Payment conditions:

    • Deposit 750 EUR at time of booking.

    • The remaining to be paid up to 60 days before the start of the tour

    • Payment in full also possible at time of booking

  • Payment methods​

    • Bank transfer or Payment links from Stripe will be received alongside the registration documents

  • Terms and Conditions apply​ (received alongside the registration form)

Contact us to receive the registration form or if you have any questions!

Thank you for your request: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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