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Alps Photography Workshop 2024
France & Switzerland Glacier Tour
From September 29th, 2024 to October 10th, 2024

alps photography workshop 2024

Alps Photography Workshop France - Switzerland 2024

Take the opportunity to join the 2024 Alps Photography Tour in France and Switzerland. Experience among Europe's most impressive landscapes and glaciers during this photography workshop. From waterfalls, impressive mountains, glaciers and stunning nature, this photography workshop will create unforgettable memories.

This 2024 Switzerland and France Photography Workshop will be a great opportunity to visit incredible areas hidden in the French and Swiss Alps. Creating once in a lifetime experiences is my goal, that is why I will bring you to the best photography spots in the French and Swiss Alps

And that's not it, teaching you as much as I can about photography including composition, long exposures and post-processing is also part of my mission. Let's not forget the opportunity to exchange and network with other fellow photographers and hopefully create some great friendship.


This photography workshop is suited to any fitness level as most spot are reachable within a few minutes walking. We will be driving around the Islands and I will ensure that we will always be at the right time at the right place.

Day 1

We will meet at Tromso Airport before heading to Senja Islands. We will be crossing the relatively unknown Kvaloya Island to reach the ferry that will bring us to the Island. After about another hour driving, we will be reaching our first accommodation where will spend our three first nights.

If the weather is clear, we might be lucky to see the auroras and have our first photography session.

Day 2 to 4

We will start by exploring the northern part of the Island in the first part of our trip. There won't be a fix schedule from day 2 to day 4, as we will plan our days depending on the weather forecasts for the next day. Don't worry, even with poor weather conditions, the Island remains beautiful to photograph. In any case, we will ensure to visit all major view points and more during those days.

A typical day will start with breakfast at our accommodation and then go directly to our sunrise location. We might also take a breakfast to go in case we want to be on time on location for sunrise. 

The main location visited during these days will include Mefjordvaer, Husoy, the Devil's Teeth, and much more.


Day 4 to 6

During the second part of the Senja workshop 2024, will be dedicated to exploring the southern part of Senja Island where beautiful mountains, fjords and vast areas of snow will keep appearing in front of us.

As for the first 3 days, we will keep our schedule flexible and adapt to the weather. We will nonetheless ensure to visit the nicest areas of the island including Gryllefjord, Silfjord, Ham, etc.

Day 7

After a last sunset on Senja Islands we will head back towards Tromsø and make stops along the road as we are passing next to amazing locations (and trust me there will be!)

We will have diner in Tromsø, and depending on the weather we will take a last chance to see the Auroras to one of the best view point close to Tromsø.

Day 8

All good things have an end and this photography workshop is no exception. After breakfast, the group will be brought to Tromsø Airport where it will be time to leave each other after a warm goodbye.


Complete gallery at the bottom of the page

During this France and Switzerland Alps Photography Tour, we will be driving through scenic roads, hiking in incredible and unique areas, and sleeping in the mountains close to some of the best photography spots in the Alps. This tour is not suited for people with limited mobility. It requires a decent level of fitness as we will regularly hike in the mountain. The longest hike will be to the Lac Blanc which is a 5kms hike that can be done in about 2 hours (more details in the below description). We will drive daily for about 1 to 3 hours maximum. At this period of the year, it can be fairly cold higher up in the mountains and therefore being ready for the cold will be important.


Day 1 - Sunday 29th September

This will be the first day of our Switzerland and France Photography Workshop. All participants should arrive before noon at Geneva Airport. We will start driving immediately from Genva Airport to our first Location: Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval, one of the most iconic spots in the French Alps. After arriving at our hotel, we will head to our first sunset location which will require a hike of about 1h. We will then head for a traditional diner.

In the evening, we will do a briefing of the tour so that everyone can get to know the group and ask any questions.

Diner: Welcome Diner with the group at a local restaurant close to our accommodation. 


Day 2 - Monday 30th September

We will wake up early to catch the sunrise at an amazing waterfall: la cascade du Rouget. There, we will practice long exposures and panoramas. After shooting the waterfall, we will head for breakfast and then go for a few hours walk in the crater of Sixt Fer à Cheval. Numerous cascades, fall colored trees, and picturesque peaks will complete this walk.

We will then drive for about an hour after lunch to head to le Lac Blanc in Chamonix, home to the famous Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe (4'871m).

We will take a funicular and then walk for about 2 hours to reach the mountain refuge, where we'll spend the night. Once there, we will have the opportunity to capture the amazing reflection of the opposite valley over the Lac Blanc.

Breakfast: at our hotel

Lunch: stop on the way to Chamonix

Diner: dining at the Mountain refuge


Day 3 - Tuesday 1st October

After a good night rest, we will wake up for sunrise and shoot close to the refuge. After breakfast, our group will continue this Alps Photography Workshop with a hike to reach the cable car back to Chamonix. This hike will be easy as mostly downward. There are many opportunities for great pictures on the way thanks to the early sunlight. Once back in Chamonix, we will head for lunch and then take the train up towards one of the highlights of our trip, La Mer De Glace. This is the biggest glacier in the French Alps. Once up there we will let our luggage at the mountain hotel where we will be sleeping, and start exploring the surrounding area until sunset. This may require hiking a bit, depending from where you wish to photograph.

Breakfast: at the Refuge of the Lac Blanc

Lunch: in a typical restaurant in Chamonix

Diner: at our hotel at la Mer de Glace


Day 4 - Wednesday 2nd October

We will wake up for sunrise and photograph the area around la Mer de Glace with the calm and relaxing morning light. Since we will know the location from the day before, looking for a nice spot should not be difficult. After sunrise, we will have breakfast and then head back down to our vehicle. Depending on the time, we will either have lunch in Chamonix or on the way to our next location.

We will continue this Alps Photography Workshop by heading to our next and first location in Switzerland. The drive will take about 2 hours. This location is still a relatively unknown location that has a lot to offer. Once there, we will check in at our hotel and then head immediately to our sunset location. This place will deliver us a moody and scenic atmosphere. We will head to the village right after sunset and have diner at a local restaurant.


Breakfast: at our accommodation at la Mer de Glace

Lunch: in Chamonix or on our way

Diner: in local restaurant close to our accommodation


Day 5 - Thursday 3rd October

We will head early to our sunrise location which should offer great atmosphere, playing with long exposures and frames while face a gigantic mountain and glacier. To avoid any time pressure with our accommodation, we will have a takeaway breakfast.

We will head after that to one of the highlights of this tour Swiss Photography Tour: Zermatt.  After a 2 hours drive, we will reach the beautiful village of Zermatt and take a cable car to reach our accommodation up in the mountains with an incredible view over the Matterhorn. This will require a 45 minutes hike with little ascent. Once checked in, and after a 20 minutes walk we will reach our sunset location, a beautiful lake with the Matterhorn standing still on the background. We will then get back for diner to the refuge and head for a good night sleep. If the sky is clear, we migh head down to the lake for some interesting astrophotography. 

Breakfast: takeaway breakfast from our hotel

Lunch: on the way to Zermatt

Diner: at the mountain refuge (included in the tour)


Day 6 - Friday 4th October

After an early wake up, we will head to our evening locaiton for sunrise and wait patiently for the amazing lighting of the Matterhorn. After sunrise, we will head back to our accommodation for breakfast. Once ready, we will go for a 2 hours hike crossing lakes and admiring the Matterhorn from various angles. Once back to Zermatt, we will drop our luggage at our accommodation for our second night in the area. Everyone will then get some free time, and have the opportunity to visit this lovely village. We will meet again for lunch and head in the afternoon towards the Matterhorn Glacier with the famous Gornegrat funicular. At our arrival, we will enjoy the beautiful views of the glacier. To end the day beautifully, we will hike downhill for 30 minutes to reach Riffelalpsee, another famous lake with a perfect reflection of the Matterhorn.  This will be our sunset spot. We will then get back to Zermatt for diner, and well deserved restful evening. 


Breakfast: at the refuge

Lunch: lunch in Zermatt.

Diner: diner in a local restaurant in Zermatt


Day 7 - Saturday 5th October

We will start the day of this Switzerland Photography Tour with a sunrise at a viewpoint above the beautiful Zermatt with the Matterhorn on its background. After sunrise, we will get back to our hotel for breakfast and then have a post-processing session. We will eat lunch in Zermatt and then head back to our vehicle and hit the road towards the Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in continental Europe. After taking a funicular ride to the top of the mountain, we will enjoy a nice photography session in the area. Dramatic atmospheres are common over the glacier. After enjoying the view, we will take the funicular back to our vehicle and go to our sunset location, the Rhone Glacier where I will bring you to an amazing spot, right above the glacier. After sunset, we will drive about an hour more and head to our hotel for the night and have diner there.


Breakfast: breakfast at our hotel

Lunch: early lunch in Zermatt

Diner: diner at the restaurant of our hotel


Day 8 - Sunday 6th October

This Alps Photography Workshop will continue with an early wake up. After picking up a takeaway breakfast, we will drive about 15 minutes to our sunrise location. We will spend a good part of the day shooting a pass with many great views including some iconic, yet not well known spots. Later during the day, we will drive to our next location: Rosenlaui, another Swiss Gem. This is a very iconic spot in Switzerland. After checking in, we will spend the evening photographing the famous Wellhorn in various locations.


Breakfast: takeaway breakfast

Lunch: Lunch on the way in a local restaurant

Diner: diner at our hotel (included in the tour)


Day 9 - Monday 7th October

The day will start early with a sunrise over the Wellhorn at a location close to our accommodation. After sunrise, we will head for breakfast, and then go to a hidden spot full of opportunities. However, this will require to hike for about 45 minutes. This hike will be optional, but very rewarding.

Our Switzerland Photography Tour will continue by heading towards our next location, Grindelwald. After lunch, we will take a cable car to the top of a mountain, unveiling incredible views over Jungfrau Hoch, another iconic mountain in Switzerland. After taking a gondola, we will reach our accommodation which will be right on top of the mountain for that night. After checking in, we will start a one-hour easy hike to our sunset location, where lake reflection should deliver outstanding views and obviously wonderful photographs. After sunset, we will head back to our accommodation for diner.


Breakfast: at our hotel

Lunch: lunch in a local restaurant in Grindelwald

Diner: at our accommodation


Day 10 - Tuesday 8th October

We will hike to the same location as the  evening before in order to take advantage of the incredible morning sunlight slowly highlighting the valley as the sun rises. After getting back to our accommodation, we will take the cable car down to Grindelwald and drive for about 30 minutes to one of the most beautiful valleys in Switzerland, the well known Lauterbrunnen. After lunch, we will stroll through the village and spend time shooting the village from various angles before going to our sunset location. After a quick train ride, we will check-in at our accommodation, and then walk to our sunset location. After sunset we will have a relax diner and evening.


Breakfast: takeaway breakfast from our accommodation

Lunch: in a local restaurant in Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen depending on our timing

Diner: at our hotel (included in the tour)

Day 11 - Wednesday 19th October

We will start the day of this Switzerland and France Alps Photograhy tour with an optional sunrise. We will keep photographing the valley from above, and enjoy different light conditions. After breakfast at our hotel, we will then do a photography review session. We will then get down the mountain with the local train and have lunch in Lauterbrunnen. We will start driving early afternoon for about an hour to reach Oeschinensee, certainly the most beautiful lake in Switzerland, and perhaps in the world. After taking a Gondola and a short walk, we will spend a night right next to this Unesco World Heritage lake. Sunset will take place at some great locations offering incredible view of the lake.

Breakfast: breakfast at our accommodation

Lunch: in a local restaurant in Lauterbrunnen or on our way to Oeschniensee

Diner: at our accommodation (included in the tour)

Day 12 - Friday 20th September 

This will be the last sunrise of our Switzerland Photography Tour. It will be spent near the lake, or at a similar locations as the evening before. After sunrise, we will have breakfast at our acommodation, and then take the cable car down to pick up our vehicle. We will then drive back to Geneva. If time and weather allow, we will make a quick stop to a secret location.

After an incredible trip, hopefully full of good memories, each participants will be dropped either in the city center of Geneva close to the train station, or at Geneva Airport. That will be time to say goodbye, and remember all the beautiful things we saw and the great moments spent together with our group.

lauterbrunnen during photography workshop switzerland

Techniques and skills learnt during the workshop

Participating in this Alps photography workshop does not stop to your guide organizing your stay around the place, but also includes teaching various photography techniques and knowledge.

Among these, the following techniques will be included either onsite, computer or both:

  • Planning and scouting

  • Gear choice

  • Focusing

  • Composition

  • Nightscape and Astrophotography (depending on weather conditions)

  • Exposure management

  • Focus stacking

  • Masking

  • and so much more.

Accommodations & Transportations

  • When staying at hotels, we will be accommodated in 2 to 4 stars hotels.

  • During this France and Switzerland Photography Tour, five nights will be spent in refuges at outstanding locations (Chamonix, Zermatt, etc.) each easily reachable, with only moderate hikes. Comfort may vary among refuges, some are very comfortable, other more rustics for a more traditional mountain experience.

  • Hotels are booked in twin rooms (2 separate beds), while refuge nights are booked in private group rooms from 4 to 8.

  • Tourist taxes are included.

  • The group will be driving around in a 9 seater van. All participants should have a window seat to enjoy the incredible alpine views.

  • All cable cars, gondolas, trains, car parks, fuel, tolls, etc. are included in the tour price.

photography workshop switzerland 2024

Good to know about France & Switzerland

  • Currency: in France the currency is the Euro while in Switzerland it is the Swiss Franc 

  • Means of payment: Most places accept credit card and therefore the need of cash is likely not to be necessary. Having an international credit card such as Revolut can be helpful to limit bank fees and enjoy a decent exchange rate. In case you prefer to carry cash around, I recommend to change some in your home country or do it at the airport of departure/arrival.

  • Electricity: France uses type C plug which has two round pins, and type E which has two round pins and a hole for the socket. Switzerland uses plugs type J which has three round pins, and doesn't have any alternative. Smartphone adapters with two round pins will work in both countriy. Adapters are highly recommended. Do not forget one in order to charge your devices.

  • Internet: 4G and 5G are widely available in most places, although in the mountains, there are locations without any network. We will never be far away from a city and therefore network will be mostly available. Wifi will also be present in most hotels where we'll stay. In case of need, I will be able to share my connection.

  • Tipping: although appreciated, tipping in France and Switzerland is not mandatory.

Meals & Food

  • This Alps Photography Workshop will be a great opportunity to try the traditional, and mouthwatering alpine food from France and Switzerland, such as fondue or raclette. 

  • Welcome and goodbye diner are included.

  • All breakfasts are included during the tour, they will be either eaten at our accommodation or takeaway..

  • Lunches are not included. In general, they will mostly consist of picnics or quick seats in restaurants, in order to maximize our travel time and time dedicated to photography.

  • Diners are including for the nights where we will be sleeping at refuges.

  • Switzerland being an expensive country, food is not cheap, therefore expect to spend between 60€ to 80€ on food per day (equivalent in $ or CHF).

Meals included recap'

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 9.40.50 AM.png
remi bergougnoux workshop photography

Your Guide

  • I am Rémi Bergougnoux, a French landscape photographer with extensive knowledge over various topics in landscape photography. 

  • I left behind my 9 to 5 corporate job in the course of 2021 before heading for a year in Latin America, exploring and photographing this beautiful continent. While being back in Europe, I decided to bring my photography to the next level, and take the chance to share my knowledge with other passionate photographer. Offering workshops came naturally to me given my knowledge of travelling, photography and desire to share my passion.

  • Besides workshops, I am also writing articles for magazines, writing photography guides, and creating YouTube video tutorials about landscape photography across Europe.

  • As a French born and after leaving for about 8 years in Switzerland, I can say that I know fairly well the two places. Therefore, I will be able to guide you thoroughly in both countries without any problems.

Physical level

Moderate, hikes up to 2 hours

Not suited for people with limited mobility.


beginner, enthusiast and semi-pro.


12 Days/ 11Nights

Number of participants



English/ French


3'890 €

3'690 €

(1000€ deposit, see conditions below)

—Pngtree—red cross mark brush x_9134554.png


  • Private transportation in a minivan

  • Fuel, tolls and car parks

  • All cable cars and funiculars

  • Accommodation in double occupancy (single possible upon availability - please contact us)

  • All Breakfast

  • Meals as mentioned in the description

  • Welcome & Goodbye diners

  • 2 nights at the incredible village of Zermatt

  • 5 nights in mountain refuges or hotels

  • Photography guide

  • Post-processing teaching

  • Geneva airport pick-up and drop off

  • Park entry fees


  • Flight to/from Geneva

  • Meals as mentioned in the descritpion

  • Travel insurance

  • Beverages and Alcoholic beverages

  • Snacks between meals

  • Photography equipment

  • Lunches on the first and last day of the trip

  • Clothing

  • Personal expenses

Workshop price and payment conditions

  • The workshop price is 3'890 EUR per person (prior to any discounted price)

  • Upon registration to the workshop, a full list of gear and clothing recommended will be provided to ease the participant organization.

  • Payment conditions:

    • 1'000 EUR deposit at time of booking

    • The remaining to be paid up to 60 days before the start of the tour

    • Payment in full also possible at time of booking

  • Payment methods​

    • Payment links from Stripe will be received alongside the registration documents

  • Terms and Conditions apply​ (received alongside the registration form).

Contact us to receive the subscription form or if you have any questions!

Thank you for your request: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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