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The 10 Best Photography Spots in the Dolomites

best landscape photography spots in the dolomites

The UNESCO heritage Dolomites mountain range is by far one of the most well known location in the world. With great road infrastructure and about 280 sunny days a year, no wonder why this location has become so attractive to regular tourists and photographers likewise.

In this article I intend to share the best photography spots one can find in the Dolomites. This will help you organize a trip or maybe just get inspired by some of my work for your own purpose (which would be great!).

To explore this area, knowing the proper photography spots is an essential part of the journey. This article is therefore referring to the 10 of the best spots you can find photograph in the Dolomites.

These are all part of what will be explored and photography during the 2024 Autumn Dolomites Landscape Photography Workshop I am running in October.

Let's not waste time on small talks, and dive into these best photo spots in the Dolomites.

1. Passo Giau

Passo giau is by far one of my favorite spots in the Dolomites. It has the great advantage of being a little less touristy than some other very well known spots in the area. Photographically, the Ra Gusela, will be the main subject. Captured through pines, flowers or water ponds, the view will be just stunning and full of varied opportunities. Although it has been photographed thousands of times, there are still lots of opportunities in finding new and creative compositions. Sunset or sunrise time will create magic around this place.

As seen in the few pictures from below, either weather conditions, compositions or time of the day have played a major role in bringing the atmosphere to another level.

Tips: without giving any precise locations to elevate one’s creativity, moving around the place to look for the best spots will be extremely rewarding. Moving away from the photographers crowd will be key in this exercise. Observing clouds movement will help to get unique shots at this spot.

2. Tre Cime di Lavaredo

This spot does not need to be introduced anymore. It is by far one of the most well known and beautiful photography spots in the Dolomites, and there is a good reason for that: it is simply stunning! This place offers a multitude of spots as one walk along the main trail, or gets lost in some of the unconventional path fleeing around the place. Unlike Passo Giau, it is much more difficult to get original compositions around Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The best ally in this case will be the weather and season changes. Being there at any time of the day will be great, but sunrise or sunset are usually bests, as it is often the case in landscape photography.

As seen in the pictures below, the sun burst captured through the clouds was pure luck with the weather switching from sunny to snowy, to finally be partially overcast. On the snowy pics, once again, luck was on my side as the first snow of the year hit the mountain range with some slight windy conditions creating unique foregrounds.

Tips: in case of snow, it is impossible to pass the toll to reach the car park at the base of the trail by car. I this case, a 2 hours hike will be required to reach the top. Also, waiting until sunset will be rewarding as most people leave before that time and then the place will almost belong to anyone sticking to it at the best time of the day.

3. Sella Pass

The Sella Pass is also among the best photography spots in the Dolomites, and will deliver great imagery. In that part of the Dolomites, the clouds tend to stick around the Forcella del Sassolungo. This gives a dramatic atmosphere at all time. In order to have a great and complete view over the mountain, it is important to go towards Sella Torri and look back toward Sassolungo. Finding amazing foregrounds either as flowers, rocks or pines will be easy and create a true sense of depth in any captures. Going there at any time of the day will be rewarding.

Tip: by moving pas the main car park towards the highest point of the pass, a car park can be found, with a small trail across the road. From there, a 5 to 10 minutes walk will lead to the best views one can get.

4. Cinque torri 

Another very famous and beautiful spot in the Dolomites is Cinque Torri. I difinitely visit it during my Dolomites Photography Workshops The area is focused around the main group of rocks giving its name to the place, Cinque Torri. There are two ways to reach this spot: 1/ from the Seggiovia Cinque Torri cable car, but a 1-1.5 hours hike will be necessary for sunrise, or 2/ from a sinuous and tight road where crossing two cars can be a challenge at times if having a bigger vehicle, but nothing impossible. The compositions ipportunities almost infinite but given the proximity with the Towers, most compositions will tend to look alike. Using a drone or shooting towards the far away mountains will create a different type of photographs that will complete the collection for this spot.

Tip: this is definitely a morning spot where a sunburst can be captured on a clear day. If using Photopills, it will be fairly easy to spot and place a camera to capture it adequately. What is important is to really wait for the sun to come out and enjoy for the short time the sunstar is visible.

5. Alpi di Suisi

Another great spot in the Dolomites that doesn’t need any further presentation is the Alpi di Suisi or Seiser Alm in Gemran. It is a thought after spot for sunrise as the slowly rising sunlight will unveil beautiful shadows revealing the incredible uneven terrain surrounding the area. Beware that it is normally forbidden to get to the spot by car unless authorized. Therefore, parking in Compatsh will be necessary and will be then followed by a nearly 5kms walk. The cost of that carpark is 25€ for up to 24h. It is therefore important to plan in advance the way there, especially if going for sunrise. 

Tip : Walking around the area will be extremely rewarding to discover different perspectives of the area. However, beware that being very original here will be complicated areas are restricted, limiting overall opportunities.

6. Lago Federa

Lago Federa is another spot that can’t be missed in the Dolomites. It requires about one to two hours walk with some ascent, nothing impossible if being a bit active. In any case, the reward will be as high as the effort provided. While arriving, the lake will unveil a unique reflection of the surrounding mountains. During the best time of the year, in the fall season, the yellow/orange larches will be gently piercing through the clouds creating a special and photogenic atmosphere. Definitely a spot not to be missed.

Tip : Sunrise will be the best time for unique pictures, as the sun will slowly highlight the forest, lake and mountains. It is important to find a spot on the northern part of the lake, and looking south for the best views.

7. Würzjoch

Not the most well known spot in the Dolomites,but definitiely one of the best. It still delivers on amazing photography opportunities. Although the options are limited the outcome will definitely be great. Beware that, there is only little space to photograph the beautiful roots leading into the valley and background picture. Consequently, in case a group of photographers is around, a passage will need to be made or there will be no pictures here. It is also a spot which is somewhat off-centered and will require some time driving through small roads, which are generally not in the greatest state. If passing by, it is definitely worth a detour though.

Tip : targeting sunset or sunrise might give more chances to be alone on the spot. The spot being off-centered, many people arrive late in the morning or leave early in the evening, leaving space for photographers.

8. Church of Saint John

There are couple of churches surrounded by surrealist sceneries in the Dolomites. Most of them can be considered in that list of the best spots in the Dolomites. Saint John Church is definitely one of them. Although the spot has been limited a few years back to only one view through a fence, the opportunity to catch the church in great conditions is still there. If shooting in the morning, one should expect the sun to rise from behind the facing mountains , therefore there won’t be any direct light. As shown in the below picture, it is great when the sunset delivers stunning tones. In the evening through, the mountains will be highlighted by the sun setting. 

Tip: A second, slightly hidden spot exists while going left along the road when facing the church from the tiny carpark.  After a few dozen meters there will be a way towards the right directly through the woods, and after another few dozen meters, a top view from the church and the mountain will appear, offering a fantastic new angle for beautiful photographs.

9. Lago di Antorno and Lago di Misurina

These two lakes are located fairly close from each other on the way to Tre Cime di Lavaredo, so the way up to the mountain top will be busy. These spots should not be neglected and are definitely among the best photo spots in the Dolomites. I regularly stop by while running my Dolomites Photography Workshop and it is rarely a disappointement. Visiting them in the afternoon and sunset is best as the sun will set on the open valley and highlight the whole are. At sunrise, the sun will rise behind the mountains making the overall scenery a little impressive, although enjoyable.

Tips: using a drone at lago Antorno is worth a lot as the lake provides an amazing sense of perspective and if the sunset lights gives its best, then the whole scenery just become surrealist.

10. Earth Pyramids of Platten

The earth pyramids are something different from mountains to photograph in the Dolomites. These are created thanks to earth erosion as a result of alternating periods of drought and rains digging the earth. A stone atop the earth pyramid helps create its surprising shape. It lasts until the stone falls as the pyramids becomes too thin to support it. Although there are several spots where the earth pyramids can be seen, the Platten spot is among the best spots to photograph in the Dolomites thanks to its uniqueness. It is necessary to park at a lower level where some car park are clearly indicated. Then a 20-30 minutes hike is necessary until the spot is reached.$

Tips: going there on a rainy day will provide more opportunities to photograph the earth pyramids with fog. Patience and reactivity will be key here, as the fog might need time to settle in the scene and might leave quickly. Finding a good composition, and sticking to it will help create memorable shots.


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